Animal Connexions, was founded in 1997 due to the many needless deaths of new born puppies and kittens and to help in any way we could with unwanted, abandoned, and abused dogs and cats. Animal Connexions is a registered charity, registration number XR 59540.

We have a very strict 'no kill' policy. Working from our own homes we are able to socialise the little ones in preparation for their new lives in a loving environment. The Group was, and is still, very small in numbers, we carry out ongoing recruitment. Priority must be given to the animals in our care. We work as a team, empowering everyone to follow their ideas through. This in turn gives everyone the same status and promotes motivation.

Due to the uniqueness of our structured group and the fact that we are working in a different way to the many other sanctuaries it was felt that the time had come to move on and become a charity in our own right.

Since founding the Group over 3,000 needy creatures have been rescued and adopted to wonderful homes and many people have also been helped along the way. We not only deal with the animals but also carry out much needed and valuable animal awareness & welfare work across the community. Advice and help is always given when needed and no animal is ever turned away. If we are unable to help we probably know someone else who will. We cannot deal with wildlife but we can get in touch with those who specialise in this.

In realistic terms it takes around £2,000 a month to run our group. We receive many road accident victims and most of the animals are ill when they come to us, they therefore required dedicated nursing and lots of tender loving care. Our main expenses are veterinary treatment and food. No-one is paid and all monies raised go directly to the animals. We do not receive any financial support or grants.

We would be unable to continue if it were not for the wonderful generosity of our supporters and the general public. Most of us work a 16 hour day or more, 7 days a week, 365 day per year.

We are all dedicated and committed to our work and it is this dedication and of course, our faith in what we do, which has carried us through - albeit it small, we know we have made a difference to many animals and people, especially those from deprived areas, the elderly, the disabled, the homeless, broken homes, allergy sufferers etc. However on the good side we have been able to be the connecting link in bringing together animals and people from all walks of life.

The way forward...
We are all aware we have a long way to go to achieving our aims, but all of us have the courage and faith to know we will get there. At present Animal Connexions are working very hard to raise the profile on animal welfare and responsible ownership. We know the road will be long and hard and we have to tread it step by step, one day at a time.

  Donations to help the work of Animal Connexions can be made directly using a credit or debit card via 'Paypal' by clicking the 'donate' button and are very much appreciated.

Animal Connexions - where life means life
Registered charity in Ireland: No. XR 59540

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